#5 - Scott Meyer, CEO of Ghostery. From ghost avatar and free plugin to global Saas.

Sue Heilbronner

Meet Scott Meyer, CEO of Ghostery, one of the most popular browser plugins in the world. According to Scott, Ghostery "makes the web not suck." Scott tells the story of taking this business and company culture from a grassroots free plugin to global Saas platform serving some of the largest brands in the world.

How hard was this shift? According to Scott, it was far easier for outside users than inside employees.

Scott talks candidly about building a culture aligned with the goals of this VC and PE-backed company. He shares the backstory around how Ghostery transparently addressed the controversial launch of the Peace app.

Scott jumped from an Ivy League background into rough and tumble startups. How he feels about that: “Sometimes you’re screaming with exhilaration, sometimes you’re feeling dizzy and like you want to puke, and sometimes you just want to get off. Overall, I still love roller coasters.”

Sue Heilbronner

Sue Heilbronner is the CEO of MergeLane and a Conscious Leadership executive coach and consultant.

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