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“Vulnerable, challenging, and transformative.”

Evan Hung, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Nikola Power

Sue Heilbronner runs one-year forums for leaders interested in deepening their active practice of the principles of Conscious Leadership.

Conscious Leadership Forums are opportunities to learn with and from a cohort of engaged leaders who are interested in reaching their and their companies’ highest possible level of success. Forum is a chance to practice authentic leadership and to receive invaluable executive coaching and candid feedback on issues across a leader’s life. 

Conscious Leadership Forums meet monthly over the course of a calendar year.  

What is the unique value of a forum experience?
Forums offer unrivaled learning experiences and outcomes:
— The group feedback process supports revealing and remedying long-hidden blind spots and unconscious commitments.
— Long-recycling issues will receive attention and will often reach a resolution.
— An unwavering commitment to transparency allows everyone’s most authentic self to come forward.
— A group dedicated to aligning with the core principles of Conscious Leadership creates a rare climate of trust that sets the stage for radical transformation.

Who may participate?
People who:
— Take conscious responsibility for their influence in the world as leaders.
— Commit to curiosity, value learning over being right, and are open to giving and receiving feedback.
— Are dedicated to living in alignment with the core principles of Conscious Leadership.

How many people are in a forum?
Forums are made up of 8-12 members and one facilitator.

How is a Conscious Leadership Forum different from other forums?
Conscious Leadership Forums focus on context, while most other groups focus on the content of a member’s issue. We listen in order to understand the content but our primary focus is on the context from which the content arises. In doing so, we support members in permanently resolving issues.  Forums will prioritize self-awareness over socializing, giving business advice, or networking.

Who is a great fit for a Conscious Leadership Forum?
Entrepreneurs + Founders
— Enterprise + Big Company Leaders
— Non-profit Leaders
— Leaders in Transition
— Emerging Leaders with Big Visions
— You

What is the time commitment?
Forum is an annual commitment comprising 10 monthly four-hour meetings over the course of one year as well as one two-day offsite retreat.

When is the next forum?
Sue will lead a 2020 forum in Colorado. If you would like to considered as a participant in this group, contact us today.

Where does the Colorado Conscious Leadership Forum meet?
In Boulder or Denver.

What is the investment?
$6,000 per year, plus a share of food and lodging for the two-day retreat (projected $300).

What is the refund policy?
At the end of the first forum meeting, members will be given the opportunity to leave the forum with a full refund.  After that, there is no refund of any kind.

Is there an attendance policy?
Yes, every member agrees to attend at least 8 out of 10 forum meetings and the two-day retreat.

“Forum has helped me become a more powerful and impactful sales leader. Conscious Leadership has equipped me to make cleaner, clearer agreements and to operate a stronger coach and mentor who gives more frequent, high-quality feedback to my teams" — Tina Scala, AVP of Sales at Invoca

See what others have to say about Sue's Colorado Conscious Leadership Forum.

Mark Harrison
Product Manager, Trimble
At Leadership Camp, I was introduced to a set of assumptions and narratives that were driving my actions and reactions every day. Digging in with Sue and other committed individuals in the Forum, I really had the chance to understand, play with, and disarm aspects of my constructed personality that were not serving me well. Leadership Camp showed me what was possible; the Conscious Leadership Forum showed me what it takes to turn that possibility into a new reality of emotional authenticity and candor.
Brad Bernthal
Professor of Entrepreneurship, Colorado Law School
Working with Sue, and the Forum group, integrated my professional and personal lives. This transformation has proved – so far – lasting and beneficial. Sue is exceptionally skilled, honest, smart, and – above all – benevolent in driving you to achieve what you’re looking for.
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