#45 -- Gaining Clarity on the Next Phase of Growth, One Way or Another with Rachel Beisel

Sue Heilbronner

Rachel Beisel is a seasoned executive who has achieved a lot of her goals and feels like she’s at her next phase of growth.

She climbed all of Colorado’s 14-ers, ended her marriage, rang many professional bells, and wrote a book. She’s looking at rewriting her bio in a literal and metaphorical sense.

In this live coaching session, Rachel shares the questions she’s facing as she is looking at the next chapter of her life and career with a hope of shifting some of her core patterns of planning, goals, and checklists for achievement.

In this episode, Leah takes Rachel through an exploration to tune into her inner seven year old, finding a place of not knowing and opening to wonder.

Sue Heilbronner

Sue Heilbronner is an executive coach, Conscious Leadership facilitator, and catalyst for change.

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