#14 -- Johnny Hanna, Building Homie as a Company to Last and to Own

Sue Heilbronner

Founder and CEO of Homie, Johnny Hanna defies the entrepreneurial stereotypes. He is father of six kids under nine, and when his wife calls to remind him to come home from work, he does. Even more contrarian, Johnny Hanna has never been focused on the big exit. Instead, he has created companies "built to run," building cohesive teams and turning away from big-ticket purchase offers.

When Johnny's first company, Entrata, reached $100M in recurring revenue, his gut told him it was time to move on in an amicable parting with his co-partners. He saw an opportunity to materially disrupt the real estate market at last. Unlike Zillow or Redfin, Homie is designed for the home seller who wants to cut out the real estate agent, save money and streamline the sale process with "pure automation." With 70% - 80% of home buyers finding their homes online without the assistance of an agent, the vision seems inevitable, and Johnny just may have the tools and tenacity to make that possibility a reality..

When it comes to leadership, Johnny's humble, down to earth attitude is a huge part of what makes him a success. He says,"I'm confident in what I don't know," and he isn't afraid to hire people who (according to him) are smarter than he is to fill in the gaps in his knowledge. Unlike many startups whose company culture is left to evolve organically, Johnny pays close attention to fit when hiring. He looks for loyal and positive-minded candidates.

Johnny’s interview on the Real Leaders podcast with Sue Heilbronner offers a glimpse of the character of a founder who doesn't fit the standard mold. He prefers Utah to the Silicon Valley. He relishes the pressure from his board. He wants to solve the problem Homie addresses no matter who invests in it.

Sue Heilbronner

Sue Heilbronner is an executive coach, Conscious Leadership facilitator, and catalyst for change.

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