Certification in Coaching for Business Leaders and Culture Influencers

with Kaley Klemp and Sue Heilbronner

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Lead Like a Coach!

This six-month certification program brings together four important trends in cutting-edge businesses:

  • The rise of sophisticated executive coaching to enable growing leaders and teams to reach their highest potential
  • The recognition of the importance of strategic business executives leading the Talent and People function
  • The market imperative to create connected business cultures that prioritize the well-being of employees
  • The consideration of authentic leadership and conscious leadership as table stakes for fostering innovative culture

One of the most common questions we hear from senior leaders is “how can I be a better coach for my direct reports?”

To meet this growing demand, seasoned executive and leadership team coaches and business operators Kaley Klemp and Sue Heilbronner join forces to deliver a six-month coaching certification program for business leaders.

Executives, leaders, and managers who want to develop their coaching muscles and methodologies in order to become even more effective in their current roles will gain a sophisticated toolset, new methods, peer-to-peer learning in a stellar cohort, and the chance to practice coaching techniques in direct application to real-world work scenarios.

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Become a Better Coach Inside Your Organization

In our current business climate, successful companies must walk the walk of creating an intentional business culture and offering employees opportunities for personal growth. It is not only possible to be a coach in a leadership role, it is optimal if not critical. So there’s no need to quit your day job: be a coach in your role and “lead like a coach.”

Through this program, business leaders and culture influencers will garner insights, skills, methodologies, practice, and a pragmatic set of tools to provide transformative coaching to internal leaders and team members in their organizations.

In addition to receiving high-touch training from the facilitators, participants will benefit from the exposure to other experienced business leaders in their cohort. Peer-to-peer learning is a continuous and enriching aspect of the blended in-person and remote program.

Participants will learn to coach their organizations’ leaders to:

  • Operate from a place of curiosity instead of defensiveness
  • Take 100% responsibility for their leadership and the culture and performance of their teams
  • Increase their effectiveness by functioning as more authentic leaders
  • Develop an improved ability to give and receive quality feedback
  • Leverage the various personality types of their teams for optimal performance and creativity
  • Make clear agreements
  • Communicate more consciously
  • Reduce counterproductive drama in their organizations
  • Reach a higher level of overall satisfaction in work and life

The program kickoff will be a two-day in-person event in Boulder, CO in January 2024 and we will meet again in Boulder in May 2024 for the live certification culmination program. Monthly remote and individual activities will be scheduled throughout the six-month program.

The 2024 program on Coaching for Business Leaders and Culture Influencers is open for applications. The cohort size is limited, and applications will be competitive.

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Meet the Facilitators

Kaley Klemp

KALEY WARNER KLEMP is a sought-after speaker, YPO and executive team facilitator, and transformational executive coach. She advises senior executives on how to uncover and address core challenges in communication, trust and culture. Kaley is an Enneagram personality model specialist, helping organizations outperform their competitors by unlocking a deeper understanding of what motivates and drives people. Kaley co-authored The Drama-Free Office and The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership and wrote 13 Guidelines for Effective Teams.

"Kaley’s acute intellect and mastery of Conscious Leadership, coupled with her unbounded positive energy, helped transform my leadership potential and that of our team. We are a better team – and I am a more effective leader – because of our investment with her.” - Cali Tran, CEO Valassis

Sue Heilbronner

SUE HEILBRONNER is a seasoned tech executive and former federal civil rights prosecutor turned leadership facilitator and coach. Sue is co-founder and CEO of MergeLane, a venture capital fund targeting companies with at least one woman in leadership, and of Leadership Camp. Sue works closely with high-potential executives and teams of growth companies to make Conscious Leadership principles core to their operating systems.

"Sue’s straight-talking, incisive approach was instrumental in helping our executive team digest feedback. Her incredible ability to help people focus and see themselves (and how they are perceived by others) with greater clarity helped unlock the value of the entire exercise." - Jason Herthel, President and Chief Operating Officer, Montage International

Included in this Six-Month Coaching Certification Program

  • Immersive, two-day in-person kickoff event in Boulder, Colorado
  • Monthly remote sessions with a cohort of other business leaders
  • Routine assignments that prompt participants to make active use of program methods and tools at work and report on the learnings and results
  • Specific feedback on assignments from the facilitators
  • Bi-weekly peer-to-peer coaching meetings between each participant and their learning partner
  • Digital communication channel to leverage insights of cohort members
  • One 1-1 coaching session for each participant per quarter
  • Live, one-day certification culmination program upon completion of the course in Boulder, Colorado

Please see detailed program schedule below.

Benefits to Business Leaders

  • A heightened sense of self-awareness of their personal leadership patterns and how those patterns serve them and also, at times, interfere with their optimal leadership style
  • The confidence and well-practiced toolkit to coach leaders at every level inside their organizations
  • A holistic coaching approach that promotes both business success and personal well-being
  • Methodologies for facilitating productive conflict and reducing friction and drama among teams
  • Extensive practice with initiating and facilitating challenging conversations
  • Skills for delivering and receiving quality feedback, especially related to managing underperformers and appreciating overperformers
  • A pragmatic set of tools to cultivate a culture of candor, trust, transparency, and responsibility
  • Intimate connections to other experienced business leaders in the cohort
  • A deeper level of passion, purpose and alignment with their personal goals for work and life, including increased awareness of ways to lean into their Zone of Genius

This Certification is Perfect For

The Certification in Coaching for Business Leaders and Culture Influencers is designed for business and other organizational leaders. To participate, you must be in a full-time role with a company, non-profit organization, educational institution, or government. You must currently oversee direct reports.

The program targets leaders who are or wish to be culture influencers; if you are a leader who cares about and can influence growing people on your teams or across your organization, you’ll be an excellent fit.

Although we have had inquiries from executive coaches and we feel grateful for the work those individuals do in the world, there are other programs that are better for coaches.


The six-month certification program is $15,000 plus travel for two in-person sessions in Boulder.

How to Apply

The success of Certification in Coaching for Business Leaders and Culture Influencers depends on the quality and engagement of the cohort. As such, we require a short application for consideration. Please complete this 10-minute survey today, and we will be in touch.

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Detailed Program Schedule

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Shawn Riegsecker
CEO, Basis Technologies
I am especially impressed with Sue’s knowledge and application of Conscious Leadership principles. I have practiced Conscious Leadership for over 15 years and I have worked with some of the best experts. I count Sue as one of those experts and greatly appreciate her directness, authenticity and inspiration in her work.
Tina Scala
SVP of Sales, Pluto.bio
This. $#!*. Will. Change. Your. Life.
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