#44 -- How Close Should a Leader Be to Colleagues: Live Executive Coaching with Ajay Manglani

Sue Heilbronner

Ajay Manglani, an exec in the generative AI space, joins Sue Heilbronner and Leah Pearlman for another episode of live executive coaching.

Ajay, who brings a warmth, relatability, and sensitivity to this podcast and, seemingly, his leadership, raises two issues we hear often from company leaders.

First, he discusses his effort to strike what he sees as the right balance around how much information (about board meetings, future company decisions, etc.) to share with his direct reports and larger team. He asks Leah and Sue for insights on how to think of that balance in a way that works best for him and for his team, and the coaches provide some thoughts you might find useful if you’ve wondered about this.

Second, he asks how he might create more connected relationships with his colleagues. Leah does a bit of welcoming around his true motivations for wanting both more and less connection at once.

As we do more of these episodes, we’re grateful for the willingness of our leader guests to share what’s really on their minds. We are game to talk to more leaders who are interested in this live coaching experience on the Hey Sue podcast. Find Sue on Linkedin, connect or follow, and send a message. We’ll be in touch.

Sue Heilbronner

Sue Heilbronner is an executive coach, Conscious Leadership facilitator, and catalyst for change.

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