What is Conscious Leadership?

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“I have practiced Conscious Leadership for over 15 years and I have worked with some of the best experts. I count Sue as one of those experts and greatly appreciate her directness, authenticity and inspiration in her work.”

Shawn Riegsecker, CEO, Centro

Sue Heilbronner leverages Conscious Leadership as a core driver of business success and personal satisfaction.

Sue works with companies, nonprofits, and individuals as a coach, consultant, facilitator, speaker, or leader of one of her Leadership Camp programs, including the Certification in Coaching for Business Leaders program. Whether she's working directly "on" the topic of Conscious Leadership or using these concepts and tools as concepts for her speaker coaching or business consulting, these principles are always present and essential.

Sue's Philosophy of Conscious Leadership

Sue defines “conscious” as simply “aware” or “present.” Conscious leaders have developed a level of self-awareness that they are routinely able to move from reactivity and defensiveness into ownership of their issues and choice about how to react. “Leadership” refers to creating in the world you most desire. In this sense, Conscious Leadership applies equally well at work and across every other area of our lives. For Sue, teaching or coaching Conscious Leadership first and foremost involves being a conscious leader. She embodies the core elements of self-awareness, authenticity, candor, and 100% responsibility in all that she does.

And, like all conscious leaders, she routinely falls down, dusts herself off, and repoints herself toward a mindset of personal growth, agility, integrity, and loving challenge. Sue works with leaders, couples, families, teams, and companies around the world as a coach, facilitator, trainer, speaker, and more to land the core elements of Conscious Leadership in a useful context.

Combining teaching, immersion, self-reflection, and high-level executive coaching, Sue has worked with thousands of leaders to bring Conscious Leadership into their daily lives.

Eight Choices of Conscious Leadership

Through the eight choices of Conscious Leadership, we open to the door to more authenticity.

1. Responsibility - The choice to take 100% responsibility for our life circumstances. Being the source of our own resolution, security, control, and approval. 

Opposite: Taking more or less than 100% responsibility. Responding to what we see as wrong with apathy or blame.

2. Curiosity - The choice to learn from others and the world around us, and wonder how our circumstances may be for us, instead of against. Openness to the possibility that the Opposite of Our Story could be as true or truer than our original story. 

Opposite: Insisting on being right. Approaching others defensively.

3. Feelings - The choice to welcome and feel all of our internal emotions. 

Opposite: Resisting, judging, repressing, or apologizing for our feelings.

4. Candor - The choice to reveal our authentic feelings and stories with the intent to deepen connection. Being someone to whom others can express themselves honestly. Ending gossip.

Opposite: Withholding our truth. Listening and speaking in a way to manipulate an outcome. Participating in gossip.

5. Clean Agreements - The choice to be clear about who will do what by when. Only entering into agreements when we have a full-body yes; renegotiating agreements if that changes.

Opposite: Entering into messy agreements with unclear parameters. Making or keeping agreements without a full-body yes, leading to lack of follow through or resentment. Breaking agreements.

6. Genius - The choice to live primarily in our Zones of Genius, which is where we access the full potential of our creativity and magnificence, where time falls away.

Opposite: Holding ourselves back by living in areas of incompetence, competence, or excellence out of fear, familiarity, for accolades, or to people-please.

7. Play & Rest - The choice to create a life of play, laughter, and ease. Honoring our natural rhythms of rest and renewal.

Opposite: Seeing life as serious, requiring hard work, effort and struggle.

8. Abundance - The choice to experience enough of everything - time, money, love, energy, space, resources, etc.

Opposite: Experiencing life from a place of scarcity. Seeing life as a zero-sum game and therefore  needing to preserve what is “ours.”

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