Conscious Family Engagement

Direct, present outside support for complex family dynamics: Business succession, Generational wealth, Conflict resolution

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"Thank you for your work, pushing the questions, holding space, and getting us over the edge. I feel much lighter and stronger. And I thank you for that."

Generational leader in a family business

Intentional Family Wealth

The Intentional Family Wealth program is a six-month Conscious Leadership forum that will offer participants a unique opportunity to develop a more intentional, self-aware, engaged, and integrated approach to family wealth.

Sue Heilbronner is teaming up with Scott Peppet, thought leader and President of a multi-generational family office and trust company, to develop this new program grounded in the principles of Conscious Leadership. Forum members will acquire the knowledge and skills to leverage Conscious Leadership tools to make key shifts in family wealth management, in service of greater impact and personal satisfaction.

Space in the forum will be limited. Contact Sue today to apply.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Learn about the 2021 Intentional Wealth Forum.

Family Conflict Resolution

Making generational transitions in families – around family businesses, family legacy properties, or general wealth – can be a complicated matter. The added feature of family and the natural changes in mindset between generations brings a number of unique challenges.

Sue Heilbronner has been a resource for family conflict resolution in these contexts for years, bringing her Conscious Leadership tools and expertise, her broad background in business and law, and her ability to generate a tone of authenticity, even in the most difficult conversations.

If your family is seeking an outside expert beyond the lawyers, accountants, and wealth managers that may already be involved, Sue can be a superb resource. As a seasoned family facilitator and loving challenger, she will prompt the conversations that have been skipped over for years. With compassion and candor, your family can unlock “stuck” conversations and come together around meaningful topics tied to the past and linked to your vision, or visions, for the future.

Learn more about how Sue can support family conflict resolution around family businesses or intergenerational wealth transfers.

Joseph Horning
Chairman of the Board, Horning Brothers
Sue Heilbronner has worked with our family on a few occasions. We've been impressed with the sensitive yet non-nonsense way she approaches complex issues. She's keenly perceptive of the group dynamic and unafraid to ask challenging questions- moving forward with care, curiosity, and openness. Sue ensures that each of us is showing up with integrity and that our personal narrative doesn't interfere with the necessary collaboration.
Generational leader
Family business
Thank you for your work, pushing the questions, holding space, and getting us over the edge. I feel much lighter and stronger. And I thank you for that.
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