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Fearlessly Authentic

From speaking to consulting to coaching leaders, Sue delivers. She is real. Vulnerable. Dynamic. Funny. Challenging. 

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"Sue is a Force"

“Our time with Sue was the most poignant, gritty, no-frills, productive, and purposeful facilitation I have ever experienced.” 

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Instigating Authentic Conversations

Work with Sue
From speaking to consulting to coaching leaders, Sue delivers. She is Real. Vulnerable. Incisive. Funny. Challenging. 
“Our time with Sue was the most poignant, gritty, no-frills, productive, and purposeful facilitation I have ever experienced.” 
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Meet Sue

Sue is a sought-after speaker, startup CEO, mentor, adjunct professor of entrepreneurship, facilitator, strategic advisor, Conscious Leadership coach, co-founder of the MergeLane investment fund, creator of the Leadership Camp training program for high-potential leaders, former federal prosecutor, and a direct and fearless catalyst for change.

Sue has the privilege of bringing her speaking, TED and TEDx-style speaker coaching, facilitation, coaching, Conscious Leadership, and consulting expertise to companies around the world. She’s worked with teams and leaders from Facebook, G2, Salesforce, Gainsight, Kiva, Uptake, Oracle, and more. Sue is a certified coach and trainer with the Conscious Leadership Group. Read Sue’s full bio.

Conscious Leadership in Work and Life

Conscious Leadership is at the heart of Sue’s very being. We define “conscious” as simply “aware” or “present.” “Leadership” refers to creating in the world you most desire. In this sense, Conscious Leadership applies equally well at work and across every other area of our lives.

For Sue, teaching or coaching Conscious Leadership first and foremost involves being a conscious leader. She embodies the core elements of self-awareness, authenticity, candor, and 100% responsibility in all that she does. And, like all conscious leaders, she routinely falls down, dusts herself off, and repoints herself toward a mindset of personal growth, agility, integrity, and loving challenge. 

Sue works with leaders, couples, families, teams, and companies around the world as a coach, facilitator, trainer, speaker, and more to land the core elements of Conscious Leadership in a useful context. She opted out of the day-to-day operating cadence of business operations and launched a coaching and consulting business around Conscious Leadership out of a belief that this work is a complete game-changer for individual and organizational success.   

Through her work, Sue helps jumpstart a sustainable spike in self-awareness, engagement, communication, and innovation.

Work with Sue

Conscious Leadership Coaching

Sue leverages Conscious Leadership as a core driver of her clients’ business success and personal satisfaction.

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Sue supports dynamic executive teams and companies in strategic planning, branding, product launches, and team facilitation.

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Sue brings her fearless authenticity, entrepreneurial
mindset, breadth of experience, and incisive insights to connect and inspire audiences.

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Speaker Training

Sue works with executives, team members, conference speakers, and more to level-up public speaking skills.

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April 23, 2024
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Godard Abel
Sue was our G2 company coach and my conscious leadership coach. She's helped me really grow my self awareness, feeling of calm aliveness, and the level of connection, talent and alignment in our G2 leadership team.
Alana Brandes
SVP of People, Guild
Sue's Challenger style and direct approach let us cut through the "fluff" and get to the core of issues with fluidity and prowess. She is both an expert leadership coach and a master of organizational dynamics having previously served in executive leadership roles, which means she innately gets it.
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