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“Sue is one of the most insightful people I've ever met. Within minutes, she was able to see through all of our BS and help us refine our keynote into something we will be proud of forever. Sue guided us to find our true, authentic voices, and a speech that was a 7 or 8 transformed into a perfect 10. We can't wait to work with Sue again.”

Dan Konigsberg, CEO of CampMinder
Conference speaking

Level up the conference speaking game at your company or your event.

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Ted and Tedx

Make the talk of your life meet your goals for it.

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Board Presentations

Improve executive presence in the boardroom and beyond.

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Company Meetings

Increase the speaking power of key internal presenters.

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Conference Speaker Training

Whether you are running an industry conference and wanting to raise the public speaking prowess your invited speakers or you want your team members to better represent your company when they take the stage, Sue is an invaluable speaker trainer and coach. You know the problem: keynote speakers deliver on audience engagement; industry experts have meaningful experience; and you want your industry experts to be as gripping onstage as those professional keynotes.

This investment has direct ROI: paying attendees at your events will reward this work with high ratings and/or a return trip to your event; prospective customers in the audience will hold your company’s speakers and your products in higher regard.

By focusing on structure, story arc, content, presentation style, visuals, and authenticity, Sue can work with one speaker or 100 through a virtual or in-person training program built by a seasoned speaker, the lead speaker coach for a major Tedx event, and a coach who is trained to surface authenticity in great leaders.

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TED and TEDx Talks Coaching

You may be a TEDx event organizer or a speaker who is planning one of the biggest talks of her life. In either case, Sue Heilbronner is a tremendous resource. A TEDx speaker herself and the speaking coach for TEDx Boulder, Sue will help you distill your message, structure an impactful talk, dial in your presentation skills, and build compelling visuals. Make the speech of your life the speech of your life with intimate speaking coaching with Sue.

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Board Presentation Speaker Coaching

Just because your board members are obligated to sit in the room for your board meetings doesn’t mean they’re engaged. Help all your company board presenters bolster their presentation skills, storytelling, structure, and visuals to optimize the invaluable time and insight your board members dedicate for your meetings. Improving your board presenters boardroom skills will produce other benefits for company and client presentations as well.

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Company Meetings

Many aspects of your business depend on high-quality presentation skills. Sometimes that comes in the form of giving great email, but often — in major sales pitches, partnership discussions, board meetings, company retreats, and standing intra-company meetings — it comes in the form of public speaking.

Bolstering the presentation skills  of your key team members with professional public speaking coaching will create ripples inside and outside your company. Improving the capabilities of your more junior emerging leaders who are called to present at company meetings will generate meaningful returns for those instances and longer-term leadership growth.

Sue can develop a half-day and day-long session at your company or work 1-1 with individuals to help your leaders improve their speaking presence, talk structures, emotional connectedness, and visual presentations.

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Nick Mehta
CEO, Gainsight
Can't thank you enough for the amazing speaker training work! I heard SO many positive kudos from attendees. Also I am listening to them myself (on the second one now)... super high quality and I'm taking away some uppercuts myself! Also LOVE the Hamilton rap battle reference.
Cyrus Mistry
Group Product Manager, Google
I interviewed many consultants before I found Sue and I instantly knew she was the one. Sue is one of the most intelligent, insightful, energetic, and fun consultants I've ever worked with. It is almost 100% thanks to her work and guidance that my Tedx presentation to thousands came out so incredibly well. If you're looking for someone to help you - look no further. There is truly no one like Sue and I would recommend her to absolutely everyone.
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