#17 -- Bill Flagg, an Intentional Startup Owner Focused on Company Sovereignty

Sue Heilbronner

Bill Flagg has a contrarian suggestion for startups: build and hold your companies. Fund your firms with revenue. Build great, enduring companies. Bill is serious, and he came by his strong views on this topic honestly. He sold his first company in a very lucrative transaction that he came to regret. Now Bill buys a material interest in select companies that are customer-funded, and he takes active roles in those firms -- from Saas businesses to summer camps.

It’s almost incredible to think that Bill’s strong views on this are against the grain, as he essentially is just arguing for the definition of business that has been true before the burgeoning of venture funding. His views on this are terrific, and he’s taking a more visible stand on the topic, launching Sovereignty.com as a community, learning base, and support for founders who want to build customer-funded companies.

Listen to Bill Flagg share his thoughts on business sovereignty in a candid conversation with Sue Heilbronner on the Real Leaders Podcast.

Sue Heilbronner

Sue Heilbronner is an executive coach, Conscious Leadership facilitator, and catalyst for change.

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