January 4, 2024

New Year, New Podcast Episodes, New Books, and Familiar Questions

Instead of resolutions, I've been doing lots of recording (podcasts) and revising (book manuscripts). And I love it.

Are you as happy to be back to work as I am? I hope so, and I hope you all got some time to relax, recharge, reimagine, and (speaking for myself) review a place or two in your lives where you notice you are taking more or less than 100% responsibility. I found some spots, and I’m taking steps today to reset those bars.

I wanted to take a moment to share what’s happening over here.

First, the Hey Sue Podcast has been reinvented with episodes featuring authentic, live coaching with real people in real job situations (including, most recently, the waves of layoffs in tech). Our newest episode dropped yesterday and features Shawna Barnart talking candidly about her approach to finding what’s next. This episode includes familiar callups from conscious leadership, a welcoming mediation by Leah that leverages her work at Welcoming Way, and a bit of a preview to my upcoming book on selling from the inside out.

In another recent episode, Leah and I talk with Rachel Beisel, who is also figuring out how to get clarity on “what’s next.” Perhaps it isn’t a coincidence.The start of the year is always littered with things that are “new" and “next." If you find yourself asking questions about transitions and timing and knowing how to know, I suggest you give this pair of episodes a listen. You can find the Hey Sue Podcast on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your pods.

We want some great new guests. So far, guests have used their full names, but we’re not attached to that. If you or someone you know would like to coach with Leah and me on the podcast, please let me know.

Second, I’ve written in the past about a manuscript for a book tentatively titled “YOUMANSHIP.” That title is not going to work. I would love your help in nailing the right title. 

This is a book about selling yourself to achieve your goals, leveraging your greatest strengths and a dash of what I call “passionate ambivalence.” Passionate ambivalence is a selling technique that blends extreme enthusiasm for the opportunity (if you have that) with a level of ambivalence or detachment about whether you actually get the work. The goal is to increase your sales working with people you love at solid price points, grow your business, and achieve a truly gratifying life by staying aligned with your truth. It’s the intersection of conscious leadership and selling. The manuscript has been purchased by a major publisher. It’s not going to be announced until I have a title, and it will hit shelves Fall 2025.

Like any of these titles? (The winning one will be married with a fitting subtitle.)

  4. PLUCK

You can reply to this email with your top pick or maybe your #1 and #2 choices. Or join the conversation over on LinkedIn. I’d be so grateful.

Third, Kaley Klemp and I have been working on a new book documenting our Coaching Certification for Leaders program. The book, LEADER COACH, is a practical guide to launching and scaling conscious leadership at work by injecting coaching into leadership on the daily. This book is meant to address comments Kaley and I get often: “I love this work. I want more at my company or organization. I’m not sure HOW to do that.” This is that. 

The book will launch June 2024, and we are psyched to put it in your hands. Sign up for updates here to ensure you’re up to date on the launch promotions and schedule.

Fourth, two big questions I’m wondering about:

  1. How will the US fare in the 2024 election cycle?
  2. What does a new marriage mean for me and to me?
Sue Heilbronner

Sue Heilbronner is an executive coach, Conscious Leadership facilitator, and catalyst for change.

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