February 8, 2024

A Serial Successful CEO Has a Persona Named "Tiny"

The latest episode of the HeySue Podcast is about a CEO with a big heart and a "tiny" persona.

I don’t post to my blog or share to my newsletter readers every time we post a new episode of the HeySue live executive coaching podcast, but I want to tell you about the newest episode (out today on Apple, Spotify, and everywhere else you pod).

David Secunda is a multi-win entrepreneur who has founded wide-ranging companies from workplace management software to adventure camps.

He is also someone whom I deeply admire. If you met Dave, you would have no idea that he’s successful or that he runs companies. You would only know that he has an enormous heart and a smile that warms the area around his body by a few degrees. When I look around my network for people who set an example for me in how I carry myself in the world, Dave is the highest bar I can find. He shows up for people. He takes time to appreciate things he likes. He has designed his life around holding community generously. In my Jewish lineage, he’s called a mensch.

Dave also has an avid growth mindset for himself. He wants to be a better man, and that is the thing that strikes me as most evident in this episode of the HeySue podcast. Dave reached out to Leah and me and asked to do the podcast! And he brings so much insight about leadership and humanity that it’s well worth 45 minutes of your time.

And yes, we talk all about "Tiny" -- the persona who desperately wants to keep David safe... and definitely did not want David to do live coaching for a podcast!

I hope you will listen. And I hope you share your reaction with me and others here.

If you like this ep, listen to a few others. I think the way people have shown up in this context has been stellar. If you really like it, tell a friend, write a review of the podcast, or forward this email.

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Sue Heilbronner

Sue Heilbronner is an executive coach, Conscious Leadership facilitator, and catalyst for change.

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