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Following your Heart in the Real World

The Ultimate Gut Check

There is tremendous focus lately on inviting people to “follow their heart” in their work. It is assumed that we all know our “heart” and our “purpose” and that we have the freedom to follow. The invitation is great. What pursuit is in my heart? What am I “meant” to do? But this appeal in the absence of a reality context seems risky and potentially irresponsible. Divining much less pursuing the message of our hearts without food or shelter would be challenging.

This talk offers attendees a chance to get curious about purpose through a lens of genius. Sue Heilbronner will share her own findings. Her career – marked by a transition from a coveted legal job to basement entrepreneur – is a textbook case of making carefully measured steps to discover purpose while paying the mortgage.

Sue is an avid entrepreneur, investor, coach, and mentor, meeting often with a hundred or more mentees a month. She calls a speedy, incisive 30-minute meeting with her the “Ultimate Gut Check.” She dives in and gets present quickly. She is a focused listener. She has a gift for identifying potential in others and for seeing what might be in the way, including lifetime patterns that might be holding a person back.

In this session, Sue will give each member of the audience the chance to give an Ultimate Gut Check to him or herself. She will provide simple steps leveraging the process she has used for years as a mentor and coach. Attendees will leave with a clearer sense of how to size up what it would mean to “follow their hearts,” whether they’re in alignment with their purpose, and what clear actionable steps they might take to get into alignment within the constraints of the more pedestrian aspects of life.

Sue has the gift to immediately see the big picture and how it connects with an audience. More than an idea person, Sue has the ability to create a vision and bring it to life.
Kevin Brown
Founder & CEO, Friction Labs

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Chantal Pierrat
Founder and CEO, Emerging Women
Sue is damned funny and refreshingly authentic. In today's evolving business landscape, it's great to hear from somebody with experience who can also bring an out-of-the-box view of the future.
Devon Tivona
Founder & CEO, Pana
Working with Sue is an experience; she is at once my teacher, partner, confidant, friend, investor, and more. Beyond my co-founders, there are few others with whom I can be 100% vulnerable about myself and my company, and Sue is one of them. She has not only been valuable, but foundational to our success thus far, because we can dive deep and unadulterated into our challenges the instant we sit down together. This transparent relationship is rare and a true treasure, as it requires massive trust and buy-in from both sides. Sue is our greatest, secret, unfair competitive advantage.