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GiveFirst with Sue Heilbronner

GiveFirst with Sue Heilbronner

In our final #GiveFirst video of the four part series, we spent time with Sue Heilbronner, Co-Founder and CEO of MergeLane. Sue is an amazing force-of-nature. She helped to launch MergeLane as the startup accelerator for companies with at least one woman in leadership. She is also focused on helping any entrepreneur with a #GiveFirst approach accomplish their goals.

A core tenet of the #GiveFirst ethos we are celebrating is that the startup community grows exponentially faster if community members are selfless in their approach to normal commerce. The theory posits that you give of yourself, your time, and your expertise, with NO expectation of anything in return – help others and the rest will fall into place.

Technical Integrity and MergeLane are rooted in the #GiveFirst ethos. We thought it was an important message to share with other startup communities and entrepreneurial ecosystems that have not yet adopted this powerful and effective idea.

We’re excited to share the final installment of the #GiveFirst video series with you and hope you will share it with your friends and colleagues.

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