Conscious Couples Camp

"Radical, refreshing, and overdue."

About Couples Camp with
Sue Heilbronner & Kaley Klemp

In our years of facilitating Conscious Leadership programs, we have heard again and again from attendees who get so much from the experience, they can’t wait to share these new insights with their significant others. They discover quickly that almost everything we're teaching  about Conscious Leadership is as relevant to personal relationships as it is to leadership at work.

Join seasoned executive and relationship coaches Kaley Klemp and Sue Heilbronner for a two-day, in-person couples immersion. In this program, you and your partner will explore your thoughts, feelings, and stories about yourselves, each other, and your relationship. You’ll come to understand your own relationship “operating system” better so that you can show up with even more presence for your partner. You will gain tremendous new insights on how your individual OS’s work together in winning and less-than-winning ways, and you’ll leave with strategies and tactics to increase empathy, optimize your connection, and find greater love and satisfaction in your relationship.

Leveraging core models of Conscious Leadership as well as Kaley’s additional insights developed and shared in her book The 80/80 Marriage, we intend to create an atmosphere of inquiry, engagement, and awareness. Along the way, we also plan to have some fun.

Benefits to Individuals and Couples:

  • Experience deep intimacy on your own, with your partner, and connection with others in our workshop group
  • Develop self-awareness around the question “How can I be  a ‘good partner’?”
  • Reveal and clear feelings and thoughts that you have been withholding
  • Enhance skills of conscious listening and have real experiences of being fully heard by your partner
  • Identify one conscious or unconscious pattern that is operating for you in your relationship or among the two of you as a couple and determine whether you’re willing to shift that pattern
  • Clarify the current set of expectations each of you has for the other and whether your other is presently willing to meet those expectations; develop an updated set of clean, explicit agreements with your partner
  • Explore your values, priorities and boundaries as a couple so you say “yes” and “no” intentionally
  • Play together: take all this potentially serious stuff a bit less seriously

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“Thank you for a life-opening and relationship-opening two days. We have told our Couples Camp Story many times, always laughing!

Your process --and your loving way of helping people see what is obvious but not seen-- have enabled us to transform long-standing differences, to see them as differences and also as possibilities.

Camp was a tremendous gift, and we are very grateful.”

— Carol B., New York, NY

Skills You’ll Build:

  • Creating intimacy in relationships
  • Understanding how your Enneagram Personality Types interact in relationship
  • Conscious communication
  • Conscious listening
  • Exploration of unconscious commitments
  • Making, keeping, and updating clean agreements
  • 80/80 Relationships

About the Facilitators:

Kaley Warner Klemp is a sought-after speaker, YPO and executive team facilitator, transformational executive coach, and dynamic couples coach. She advises senior executives on how to uncover and address core challenges in communication, trust and culture. Kaley is an Enneagram personality model specialist, helping organizations outperform their competitors by unlocking a deeper understanding of what motivates and drives people. Kaley’s most recent book, The 80-80 Marriage, co-authored with her husband, is an accessible, transformative guide for couples seeking greater love, connection, and intimacy in our modern world. Kaley also co-authored The Drama-Free Office and The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, and she wrote 13 Guidelines for Effective Teams.

Sue Heilbronner is a seasoned tech executive and former federal civil rights prosecutor turned leadership facilitator and coach. Sue is co-founder and CEO of MergeLane, a venture capital fund targeting companies with at least one woman in leadership, and of Leadership Camp. Sue works closely with high-potential executives and teams of growth companies to make Conscious Leadership principles core to their operating systems. She has developed and facilitated Couples Camps, where she deploys those same tools of Conscious Leadership to unlock greater intimacy, authenticity, trust, and fun for couples ready to amplify their partnerships.

"After Couples Camp, I feel so authentically connected to my partner from a pure place of honesty. It’s the deepest connection with another person I’ve ever felt, and the best part is that we now have actionable skillsets and tools to use in our daily lives to maintain this higher-level consciousness, not only in our relationship but in every relationship we have — family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances etc.  My biggest takeaway was that the 'inner' personal work is actually the biggest game-changer, which bleeds into the 'us' relationship work."
— Ashley D., Napa, CA


Agreements in order to attend:

  • You’re willing to support yourself and your partner in exploration
  • You’re willing to challenge and be challenged
  • You’re willing to tell and hear the truth
  • You have a strong foundation and willingness to dive in with an authentic, intimate cohort 

When and Where?

The program spans two full days in Boulder, CO. Tuesday, May 24th (9am - 5pm MT) and Wednesday, May 25th (9am - 4pm MT)

What is the investment?

$5,000 per couple plus travel expenses for the two-day program in Boulder, CO

How do I sign up?

Reach out!

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Shawn Riegsecker
CEO, Basis Technologies
I am especially impressed with Sue’s knowledge and application of Conscious Leadership principles. I have practiced Conscious Leadership for over 15 years and I have worked with some of the best experts. I count Sue as one of those experts and greatly appreciate her directness, authenticity and inspiration in her work.
Tina Scala
SVP of Sales,
This. $#!*. Will. Change. Your. Life.
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