January 28, 2015

Law School Education with an Entrepreneurial Mindset? Think CU.

Today I again had the privilege of teaching the graduate course “Philosophy of Entrepreneurship.”
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Today I again had the privilege of teaching the graduate course “Philosophy of Entrepreneurship.” I co-teach the course as an adjunct at the University of Colorado School of Law. 

The fact that I am teaching a course at the law school at all (given that I moved to Boulder four years ago and am a proud graduate of another fine legal institution) tells you something about the administration of CU Law and its wish to connect the school to the community.

I could spend pages and infinite hyperlinks expounding on the way that law school Dean Phil Weiser and Professor Brad Bernthal have partnered with the concentrated “Startup Community” here in Boulder. It would be a great use of time and space, but others have done it before me. Here’s a great summary from the Dean himself. The fact is that these two have cultivated around and within the law school a rich network of entrepreneurs, large-company executives, lawyers, and investors. The goal? Helping students develop an entrepreneurial mindset to serve them in the shifting profession of law.

It’s inspiring to watch. And more fun to be involved.

Today was a peak day. An archetypal example of why forward-thinking people looking to pursue a legal education are wise to put CU on their consideration list.

The 25 students in this year’s course — a mix of 1L’s and MBA students — had the opportunity to spend 90 minutes with one of the most successful and most well-liked investors in the world. Brad Feld shared his historical and future views on the evolution of Boulder as a startup community. He discussed the emergence of networked systems against the long-term background of hierarchical structures. He was (as always) humble, funny, fast, and engaged.

That this conversation happened on a late January day with temps in the 70’s. That Brad himself had the idea to hold class outside. That we were flanked by the beautiful Wolf Law Building and the Flatirons. All the better.

Sue Heilbronner

Sue Heilbronner is an executive coach, Conscious Leadership facilitator, and catalyst for change.

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