August 5, 2020

Full Transparency: Seven Ways to Work with Sue Heilbronner as an Executive Coach

And the price point for each one.
CEO Coaching
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I routinely receive inquiries about people interested in doing executive coaching with me. My blend of business operating experience and Conscious Leadership context usually provides a draw for those I hear from.

It has always been a bit challenging to talk about coaching for me because, although there are a number of things I do for free (mentoring, speaking at community events, “random calls”), leadership coaching is my job. In addition, I’m on the more expensive end of the spectrum. So sometimes even when there’s a fit in personality, goals, and style, there isn’t a fit on budget.

As such, I wanted to share what has become the myriad ways you can get coaching from me. These are listed in order of least expensive (free) to most expensive.

HeySue Blog: Check out my blog and sign up for new posts on my Leadership Game Changers newsletter at I write and send newsletters weekly-ish, and I’m often talking about my own Conscious Leadership work and the anonymized work of my clients. There’s great coaching here. Sign up. Price point: FREE.

Mini-Camp: Join me for a half-day virtual Conscious Leadership Mini-Camp. Learn the basics of Conscious Leadership through this virtual, actionable three-hour program. Find the next Mini-Camp here. Price point: $199.

Leadership Camp: Be a part of a two-day Conscious Leadership Camp. Add your name to a list of emerging and seasoned leaders from companies including Facebook, Apple, Google, and Marco Polo as well as participants from city governments and nonprofits. Do a deep dive on Conscious Leadership with a tremendous cohort of fellow leaders. Immersive, engaging, challenging, and revelatory. See if the next Camp fits your calendar. Price point: $1619-$1799 with a discount for early bird registration or groups of three or more. Two full scholarships for each camp are made available to people who will add racial diversity to the cohort. Apply here.

Conscious Leadership Annual Forum: Join a January-to-December leadership forum along with ten other leaders. Get the intimate monthly experience of taking a deep dive into your leadership challenges and opportunities in the context of Conscious Leadership. Coaching benefit. Cohort benefit. Price point: $6,000 per year (price point includes attendance at one two-day Conscious Leadership Camp).

Company Camp: Convince your company or team to do a half-day, one-day, or multi-day Company Leadership Camp. Get everything you might get at a typical Conscious Leadership Camp, but apply the concepts directly to your team or company. Price point: $8,000 - $10,000 per day.

Certification in Coaching for Business Leaders: Join Sue Heilbronner and Kaley Klemp, plus a cohort of committed, engaged leaders for a six-month program that will give you the tools to provide transformative coaching to the leaders and team members within your organization. Along the way, you'll develop a deeper understanding of your own patterns and how to leverage Conscious Leadership principles for dynamic growth. Learn more and apply here. Price point: $15,000 for the six-month program.

1-1 Individual Coaching: This is likely what you were thinking when you started reading. It’s a transformative game working 1-1 in a leadership or executive coaching relationship with Sue Heilbronner. You will be seen, challenged, championed, pushed. You will get friendly with your Zones of Genius and with the core patterns that hold you back. Price point: starts at $25,000 for a four to six-month initial engagement.

If you're interested in engaging with Sue Heilbronner as a Conscious Leadership Consultant for your executive team or your entire company, learn more.

Sue Heilbronner

Sue Heilbronner is an executive coach, Conscious Leadership facilitator, and catalyst for change.

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