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Have you heard of the "Keeper Test"? 💯

Netflix invented the “Keeper Test,” a simple tool to measure an employee’s value to a high-performance company culture. This is the test: If an employee were to let you know they were planning to take another role, would you fight hard to keep them?

Now, take a moment and put your attention on the 3-5 people over the course of your career who are not just Keepers, they’re “Super Keepers.”

You are likely thinking of people who have made your company far more successful merely by virtue of their presence, whether they were C-level allies, middle managers, or individual contributors. You gave them challenges, and they exceeded expectations. You promoted them, and they rewarded you with accelerated leadership.

Still, we know that sometimes Super Keepers in the middle or IC ranks can be overlooked for personal and professional growth opportunities.

  • They may not qualify for executive coaching
  • They are hungry to learn and expand their range
  • They are eager to grow into their full potential by leaning into their Zones of Genius

So we created the Super Keeper Cohort 💥

The Super Keeper Cohort (SKC) is a bi-annual, two-day gathering of the most impactful, dynamic, and widely talented people in great firms. A room filled with the Next Gen of Executives.

Each SKC meeting will feel like an accelerator for people. We will provide programming for Super Keepers to grow in their careers, identify and channel their unique gifts, accelerate progress in their personal goals, and connect with people like them around the world.

It is designed to light an even more powerful fire under your SKs by providing them with a transformative cohort-based experience. We believe that you will grow and retain your Super Keepers by providing them with a transformative, cohort-based experience.

The SKC Network 🤝

We know the impact and relevance of a network of people who are highly effective in the world. We have Young Presidents Organization, Crown Fellows, Techstars, Business School alumni associations, and more.

We believe there is no highly leverageable network for Super Keepers. Until now.

Who is a Super Keeper? 🚀

A Super Keeper is an executive-identified team member who embodies the following ethos:


SKs are natural leaders, even if they don’t manage anyone. They have persuasive authority even if they don’t have decision rights. They are a trusted voice.


SKs beat your expectations. Always. They are the glue of your organization, driving outcomes and culture from the middle. A SK isn’t keeping up with you. You need to keep up with them.


A SK makes a massive difference in your business and in the lives of those around them. They own your organization’s vision.

For this opportunity, a SK is operating in a role below the C suite. They are VPs, Directors, Managers, or IC’s. They keep your company running, but don’t run the company (yet).

know a Super Keeper?

Who Leads the Work of the SKC? 💡

Seasoned executive and leadership team coaches and business operators Kaley Klemp and Sue Heilbronner join forces to deliver an impactful network experience for Super Keepers.

Kaley Klemp

KALEY WARNER KLEMP is a sought-after speaker, YPO and executive team facilitator, and transformational executive coach. She advises senior executives on how to uncover and address core challenges in communication, trust and culture. Kaley is an Enneagram personality model specialist, helping organizations outperform their competitors by unlocking a deeper understanding of what motivates and drives people. Kaley co-authored The Drama-Free Office and The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership and wrote 13 Guidelines for Effective Teams.

"Kaley’s acute intellect and mastery of Conscious Leadership, coupled with her unbounded positive energy, helped transform my leadership potential and that of our team. We are a better team – and I am a more effective leader – because of our investment with her.” - Cali Tran, CEO Valassis

Sue Heilbronner

SUE HEILBRONNER is a seasoned tech executive and former federal civil rights prosecutor turned leadership facilitator and coach. Sue is co-founder and CEO of MergeLane, a venture capital fund targeting companies with at least one woman in leadership, and of Leadership Camp. Sue works closely with high-potential executives and teams of growth companies to make Conscious Leadership principles core to their operating systems.

"Sue’s straight-talking, incisive approach was instrumental in helping our executive team digest feedback. Her incredible ability to help people focus and see themselves (and how they are perceived by others) with greater clarity helped unlock the value of the entire exercise." - Jason Herthel, President and Chief Operating Officer, Montage International

Cohort Coaches ⏱️

Each meeting will engage additional coaches to ensure personalization and small-group connection.

Leah Pearlman

Leah Pearlman

Leah Pearlman

Leah started her career as one of the first Product Managers at Facebook. She now coaches passionate people to come into truer alignment with themselves and their greatest gifts.

Devon Tivona

Devon Tivona

Devon Tivona

Devon led a startup from zero to successful exit with Conscious Leadership. He coaches Super Keepers to bring their whole selves to work for even greater personal and professional success.

Ready to invest in your Super Keepers? 🎯

Inaugural SKC Event

The first two-day meeting will take place September 14-15, 2023 in Boulder, Colorado.


$1995 per Super Keeper at the Founding Event, plus the cost of travel to Boulder, Colorado.

3-5 Super Keepers from the same organization can attend for $1495 each. There is a company attendance cap of 5 Super Keepers for this event.

Event pricing includes continued access to the SK Network for two years.

Benefits to You

  • Even more engaged Super Keepers
  • Loyal team members who need not leave your firm to grow
  • Your Super Keepers will be connected to a stellar network to continue to fuel their learning and amplify their impact

Are you an executive with one or more SKs in your organization who are ready for the SKC?

Nominate a Super Keeper

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Shawn Riegsecker
CEO, Centro
I am especially impressed with Sue’s knowledge and application of Conscious Leadership principles. I have practiced Conscious Leadership for over 15 years and I have worked with some of the best experts. I count Sue as one of those experts and greatly appreciate her directness, authenticity and inspiration in her work.
Tina Scala
AVP of Sales, Invoca
This. $#!*. Will. Change. Your. Life.
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